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Protein Skimmers

A protein skimmer, and the process of foam fractionation, is the cornerstone of any successful marine system.  Skimmers remove biological waste and other dissolved organic content, and also aerate the water.  NextReef skimmers offer outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and are Made in the USA.

NXS1 InteRNal / External Recirculating Skimmers

The culmination of three years of design, testing and refinement...

NextReef NXS1 series recirculating skimmers are our flagship product.  They're quiet, powerful and energy efficient.  This versatile skimmer can be used in-sump, and is also fully sealed for external use.  NXS1 skimmers are available in three sizes, for tanks from 100-800 gallons.

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SkimRay Hang-On / In-Sump Skimmers

High-performance hang-on skimmers

NextReef SkimRay hang-on skimmers feature the same, highly efficient, recirculating design as our NXS1 line.  They're easy to maintain, quiet, and outperform many in-sump skimmers.  Plus, they easily convert for in-sump use.  Available Spring 2012...

Commercial Protein Skimmers

NextReef Commercial Series skimmers

Massive skimmers, built-to-order per customer specifications.  Featuring heavy-duty Reeflo recirculating pumps, these skimmers are designed for demanding commercial and industrial use - aqauculture farms, fish stores, livestock wholesalers and public aquariums.

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