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Media Reactors

Media Reactors maximize the performance of any granular or pelletized media - GFO / Phosphate removers, Activated Carbon, BioPellets / BioPlastics, and more NextReef Media Reactors are legendary for performance, build quality and value... and they're hand-crafted in the USA


NextReef MR1 Series Reactors

The original... copied, but never duplicated

NextReef MR1 Media Reactors are excellent for all types of media, like GFO / phosphate removers, activated carbon, denitrification media, and more.  Sturdy contruction, and the best-sealing lid in the business, highlight this easy to use reactor.  MR1 Reactors can be used in-sump, or externally - the MR1 and MR1 Shorty include our convenient hang-on adapter.

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NextReef SMR1 Series Solid Media Reactors

BioPellets?  BioPlastics?  NextReef INVENTED the BioPellet Reactor!

In late 2009, we were approached with an entirely new concept: denitrification through a biodegradable plastic media.  We adapted our best-selling MR1 and MR1 XL Reactors to increase flow, reduce maintenence, and reduce nuisance internal algae.  The results?  The NextReef SMR1 and SMR1 XL Solid Media Reactors

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NExtReef Industrial Reactors

Big Reactors for Commerial / Large Aquaria Use

Aquarium Stores, commercial facilities and other large installations can also benefit from running BioPellet / BioPlastic media for denitrification.  NextReef builds commercial-scale reactors in a variety of large configurations.

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